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Traditional Roofing Tiles & Slates

Traditional roofingNew Build

We provide a new build service which involves a complete new roof including insulation if required.

Roof Repairs

Most properties require ongoing maintenance, if you feel that your roof needs repairing we will assess what needs doing. If minor repairs are needed we will advise you accordingly.

If more extensive work is needed we can go through the various options with you during our site visit.

Roof Replacement

Your roof can be kept healthy with regular maintenance, however, there comes a time when regular repairs will cost you more than a complete replacement.

You will know when you need a complete replacement when there is an undesirable level of dampness within the roof space. This will lead to problems with timbers and rot.

If replacement is needed we will supply you with a detailed quotation outlining all relevant possibilities pertaining to your roof.

It is better that your roof is protected and covered as soon as possible to prevent more damage from occuring. If your roof needs repairing, contact us now for a friendly and efficient service.

Tile Supplies

If you would like new tiles, choose from our main tile supplier, Marley Eternit